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Establishing the status of a building is required before confidently estimating project costs.

Enylt offers a pre-project service based on square footage that conducts the appropriate surveys to establish a buildings baseline from which all cost estimates begin.

Due Diligence & Site Survey

Clients receive the due diligence via a site survey that building upgrade projects require including the following:

  • Structured wiring status
  • Hardware status
  • Network and integration status
  • Digital scan of floorplan(s)
  • Analysis of available building metadata
  • Cost estimate including GMP

Enlyt field team members meet with building managers, walk the building with engineers, and score building attributes as necessary. 


Pricing for a site survey independent of any other project commitments is as follows:

  • Under 10,000sq.ft. beginning at $2,000
  • 10,000sq.ft to 20,000sq.ft beginning at $3,500
  • 20,000sq.ft. to 50,000sq.ft beginning at $6,0000
  • 50,000sq.ft and up beginning at $10,000

Site survey costs deducted from project total costs when Enlyt is contracted.

Availability of and access to existing building documentation effects site survey costs.

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