Corporate Innovation - Life Fitness

Life Fitness Innovation Lab

Merchandise Mart Adjacent, Chicago, IL USA

“We needed a firm to not only help us evaluate and transform our buildings digital capabilities, but one that understood our business needs and how digital twin integrations can deliver against those needs. Enlyt provided exceptional client services and walked us through every step along the way – end to end, from their first building walkthrough to their project deployment and beyond. By the end, it felt like Enlyt was part of our team!”

— TJ Travelbee. Head of Innovation for Brunswick and Life Fitness


As the largest global manufacturer of exercise equipment, Life Fitness had to digitally transform their products in addition to the environments of their gym facility partners as emerging tech such as Peloton, Mirror, and others began to erode market share by differentiating as digital first.


Begin a sandbox environment wherein prototype products could be tested on a best-in-class network while inviting vendors in to see where collaboration could lead to innovation


A “Smart Gym in a Box” offering took form where Life Fitness products are able to interface with a wide range of varying gym facilities while offering a personalized experience to customers.